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WorldSkills Portugal

Our team from the CTP Lab, Victor Azevedo, vitor Aguiar and Luis Jesus participated in the worldskills Portugal event, that took place between 25 of February and 2 of March in Beja.

This started with a partnership with Instituto para a Qualificação IP-RAM, where Victor Azevedo and Vitor Aguiar give lectures. Luis Jesus participaded in CNC machining, not reaching the required level for the podium.

This time we havent brougth any medal or champion, a lot of work has to be done in the next 2 years to create new champions.

What is WorldSkills? It was founded in 1950 by Portugal and Spain and its a competition for young people, between 17 and 25 years old. They have concluded or are in a professional qualification, to demonstrate their level of competence, rigor and mastery of techniques and tools for the exercise of each profession in the competition. They execute some practical test of performance, evaluated acording to some demanding criteria and technical prescriptions internationally established by juries and highly qualified experts (trainners, professionals and businessmen).

They use this event to assess the eficiency of professional training of different operators e induce incresing quality factors, inovation and creativity in the learning-teaching processes.

The championships take place every 2 years and gather the best in the class in the pre-selection and then compete among themselves for the title of national champion in each profession.

The nacional champions apply to the european and world championship, World skills Europe and Worldskills International, accordingly.

More information here and their facebook page!



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