Critical Technical Practice Laboratory

Critical Technical Practice is the creation of new technologies inspired by thought and analysis from the arts, social sciences, and humanities.
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MAST – Master Module in Art, Science and Technology

MAST is a project proposal submitted by the University of Madeira (UMa) and M-ITI that has been recently approved by the European Commission. This proposal was ranked second best with 90 points (out of 100) in an allegedly very strong competition of over a hundred proposals. Valentina Nisi,Sergi Bermúdez and Chris Csíkszentmihályi are some of the Faculty involved in this academic project. MAST is part of the Master in Interactive Media Design from UMa, and it consists on the development and implementation of an applied study module, that promotes transversal curriculum combining art, science and technology. This proposal will bring added EU Value through the integration of competencies and networks of partners in several Member States[1].

Progressive Product Prototypes (PPP) seeks to equip students with the ethical, organization, and practical knowledge required to imagine and develop products that advance and strengthen “social Europe” values of inclusion, diversity, and equality.


Combining visiting lectures, hands-on laboratory work, and art & design methods, the class tightly integrates critical discourse with prototyping and speculation. Drawing from the empirical history of Science, Technology, and Society, and mixing with speculative techniques from the plastic arts, the course will look at how products are made, by whom, and for what ends, then imagine new and different forms of work and production [2].

In November 2018 we hosted MAST event which made us work together with a team of people from different areas to create their own projects, since a fragile coffee cup, to a Peltier Junction to create condensation with solar power, between others. We were very happy to give support to everyone, it was really interesting for us to try to execute in so little time their projects, create contacts and make our best.

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[2] – Second source

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